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This network of junior scholars doing research on 18th-Century English literature and culture neither aims at a theoretical definition of "identity" as a term nor at tracing a historical trajectory of the development of this term and concept. Focussing on the media involved in processes of identity construction, it rather highlights the performative and mediating aspects of these processes.

In several case studies, the individual projects examine processes of identity construction in eighteenth-century England, with particular respect to the specific use and function of different media in different disourses.

For this purpose, the network is organised in three discussion groups with the following general research interests:

I. The negotiation of political, social and legal identities in the public sphere.

II. The function and use of literature in both the proliferation of identity categories and the construction of identities.

III. The interrelationships between spatial and temporal constructions of identity in connection with the growing differentiation of space in reality and the media.

The following links refer you to the respective discussion groups of the project, including information on the individual projects pursued in each group:

Discussion Group I.
Public Negotiations: Observation, Performance, and Recognition of Identities

Discussion Group II.
Literature and Discursive Constructions of Identities

Discussion Group III.
Topographical Constructions of Identity


The members of the network also attempt to provide a comprehensive bibliography as well as links to websites of particular interest for anyone doing research on the Eighteenth Century (e.g. e-texts).

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