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This group discusses the public negotiations of political, legal, and societal identities: on stage, in court, on the street.
Central to our reflections is the idea that identities can not be constructed in the private chambers (of one’s mind), but have to be performed before the eyes of others, and recognised by these. However, especially on stage and in court, private matters are often made public. As a consequence, said places enable the observation of other people’s identity sketches.

Furthermore, written representations of court cases, or questions of fashion, in pamphlets as well as the newly evolving magazines and newspapers, make possible a more distanced form of observation; the readers themselves remain un-observable in this process. However, such texts invite the readers to relate what they have read to themselves. Although they are observers in this case, they may realise that at other times they are the observed, performing before the eyes of others.

Only if others accept one’s identity sketch, and only if such recognition is itself enacted performatively, such sketches can gain a certain stability. The (public) denial of identity sketches might lead to an exclusion from society, especially before the court.


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